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The Band

Years Active:

2009 - present



Manhattan, KS

Indie / Alternative / New-Americana

Active Performers:

A. Taylor McFall

Hunter Perez

Aliyah Stephens

Benny Stephens
Tony Scalora

Featuring catchy rhythms, thoughtful lyrics and dynamics that range from a purr to a full on roar. This is a band that works hard and lounges even harder; that takes pride in its original songs and cooperates when hunting that next juicy riff or savory lyric.


Philosophy of Lions was formed near the end of 2009 when Dustin maxed out his credit cards to buy a bunch of recording equipment and software, and the first of many songs were written and recorded by him and Taylor. Since then there have been shows featuring more than a dozen different musicians, and jam sessions with many more.


After a performance hiatus from 2011 - September of 2016, PoL reformed under a new lineup when Anu brought Taylor, Nick and Jeff together for an impromptu gig. Jen was added to the lineup in November of 2016. In early June 2017 Anu moved away and the band continued with fill-in drummers until Daniel joined on full-time. Hunter joined the lineup full time after she and other collaborators were brought on for the Little Apple New Years Eve show in Aggieville on December 31st 2017 to a crowd of thousands despite the -13 degree (F) wind chill. 2019 saw Jen, Nick and Daniel moving on, with Aliyah, Benny and Tony joining up.


The rest of the story is in the future...stay tuned


Dustin Seabourn

Lum Wright (Dapper Yung Lad)

Raynal Cheranfant

Brian Cain

Austen Serrano (Sonic Grime)

Anurag Milos

Nick Domoney

Jeff Ensley

Sally Vee

Chris Boxburger

Daniel Traknyak

Alexa Sharp

Spencer McConnaghy

Laurie Shelton

Kenny Retzlaff
Jeremey Reynolds

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